Empowering the Mother
Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

Our mission here at Central Coast Doula Services is to empower mothers through every stage of their mothering experience.


We are an organization created to uplift and support families, but especially mothers. We serve parents through their pregnancy with unbiased, evidence-based education. We are also an on-call service to be a constant professional labor support person for the entire length of labor. And further more, we are there to continue education with breastfeeding and parenting, as well as on-going emotional support postpartum.


Our full spectrum doulas offer birth education and labor assistance, postpartum care, emotional support, breastfeeding education and support, single parenting support, as well as evidence based parenting education through certified educators. We also work with transgender families, adoptive and foster families.


We believe in the power of a mother's (and father's) love and the instincts that stem from that love. We believe in you.


Interested? Maybe just curious? Give a call or email! We offer a free consultation in your home or public space.

Empowering the Mother

Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

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