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Birth Services

Free Consultation 

A doula will meet with you at a location of your choosing before you decide to contract her as your personal doula. It is important to feel a good connection with your doula, so this meeting is imperative before contracting her or any doula.

Phone & Email Support 

Our doulas are available to answer any concerns you have. If it is a concern beyond her scope, she will refer you to either your midwife/obstetrician or a local board certified lactation consultant.


You may call, text, or email at any time. Your doula will return your call or message within 2 hours between 7am and 8pm. Unless on-call, your doula will return your late night message by the following morning before 10am.



2-3 Prenatal Visits 

Upon contracting with your doula, she will arrange to meet with you and your partner two to three times before your delivery, depending on how soon your due date is. During these visits she will answer any questions you may have after your birth education classes. Your doula will gather your birth preferences and compile a vaginal birth AND a cesarean birth plan. These visits will also include practicing what labor will look like in your home, as well as learning different pushing positions. During our last prenatal together, we will also create a postpartum plan.


During labor 

A childbirth assistant, or "birth doula", provides you and your family with one-on-one, continuous care during your labor and birth. This service often provides the nurturing attention and support that traditional obstetrical care and even midwifery care isn't always able to provide.

A Doula's Presence During Childbirth Provides:


- Results in shorter labors with fewer complications


- Reduced use of Pitocin


- Reduces need for cesarean section (c-section)


- Requests for pain medication and epidural is reduced


- Cost of obstetrical care is dramatically reduced


- Lower incidence of birth abuse


- Decreased rish of postpartum depression


- Greater success with breastfeeding


- Easier adjustment to new family dynamics


- Feeling of empowerment


   But How?

-Valuable information, emotional & physical comfort and encouragement

-A strong, unbiased advocate for your birth plan

-Continuous care & support during your entire labor and birth

-Guidance & assistance with relaxation, breathing and positions

-Assistance with breastfeeding


- Trained, knowledgeable, and professional








Our Services Include

-On-call support during pregnancy

-Two to three prenatal sessions to provide education & guidance with your birth plan

-Early labor support in your home

-Continuous active labor support in your chosen birth setting


- Remain with mother and baby for at least 2 hours after delivery to ensure baby is breastfeeding and mother is well


- One postpartum visit within first week of arriving home. A second visit at 6 weeks after delivery. Depending on need, a third visit before 6 weeks.


- Optional continued postpartum care. *Please visit our Postpartum Services page*

After Baby Arrives

Once your baby is born, your doula stays with you until you all are ready for your first nap as a family. This is usually between two and four hours after birth.

As a Birth Doula, We Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks


Make decisions for you 


Speak to medical staff on your behalf


Project any of our own beliefs onto your experience


Baby’s first feeding Support 

We offer educated and experienced breastfeeding counseling for you and your baby. This service is included with your birth doula package to ensure your baby is off to a great start.

Postpartum follow-up visit 

Within the first week of delivery, your doula will visit you and your baby. She will answer any questions you have about breastfeeding and the care for a newborn baby.

Available for Postpartum Doula Care

For 12 weeks after your baby arrives, it is known at the Fourth Trimester. This time is often overwhelming for families. Our certified postpartum doulas are available to continue care right after you deliver and up to 12 weeks old. Our job is to empower you as a mother and father.

Certified Paretning Education

When baby suddenly isn't a newborn any longer, things begin to change. Our certified family life educator will consult you the most recent evidence based information on baby care, child rearing, baby wearing, feeding baby, and sleeping with baby. She will also consult about nutrition, care for parents and their relationship, and proven methods for discipline. 

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of nurturing care
Gift certificates for family & friends always available

Empowering the Mother

Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

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